Belpre Aquarium
40+ Years

Fresh Water

We have a very large selection of fresh water fish and supplies to choose from. From tank cleaning to loaches and led lighting, we have what you need to setup a beautiful tropical fresh-water enviroment.
Salt Water

We take the tricky out of enjoying your salt-water setup. We have corals, lighting, all sizes of pumps, sand, and anything else to keep your habitat healthy. We have the expertise and capability to setup your tank on-site, and we even provide on-site maintenance.

Whether it's buying, breeding, or feeding, we have what you need to keep your scaly or slithery friends happy. We have both frozen and live food availible.
Bug Care

Does your fuzzy arachnid give everyone the creeps? Not us! We have what you need to keep your crawly pet happy!
Rodent Care

Hamsters, mice, rats, weasels, guinea pigs and all forms of rodent care are available at Belpre Aquarium. We have bedding, rodent feed, cages, and play-toys available as well.
Avian Care

We want to keep your flighty friend singing for years to come. We supply in bird feed, cages, cuddle-bones, toys, and all sorts of other avian products.